Top Picks for October

Get your hands on the latest and greatest home decor! Here are our October must haves:

  • Geometric Fruit Bowls: the perfect accessory to any kitchen or dining area. The geometrical shape allows the fruit to breathe which makes it last much longer than if kept in your standard ceramic bowl.

  • Dear Head Key Holder:  The time before you go outside, your front door can be trying for even the most claustrophobic of us, realising your keys/wallet aren't on you is awful. Don't rush off to nail your keys to your hand just yet though, we already have the solution: our deer head key holder fixes to your wall so your keys will always be in the first place you look when leaving the house.

  • Minimalist Vase: These minimalist wire bottle vases create the perfect table or mantle decoration. Place some flowers or other decorative objects in the vases to create a subtle but unique display. The perfect accessory for your home! 
  • Bathroom Print: This print pretty much explains itself, an hilarious addition to any bathroom or home!

    Each month we will provide you with our top picks and also stay tuned for other blog posts! Feel free to get in contact if you have anything you'd like to see on our blog and we'll do our best to put something together for you!


    The Front Shed