Introduction to our Growth Ruler Series Part 1

It might come as a surprise to some, but our Growth Ruler has been one of our consistent best sellers since we placed it in-store in The Front Shed.

The growth ruler makes a great gift for a gender reveal party, housewarming for people with kids, and a general overall great gift for a child’s birthday.

Made of environment-friendly canvas and wood, it is laundry machine friendly and can be washed, reused, and easily recycled.

Do you often face the situation where you are moving to a new house, changing bedrooms, or kids are leaving home? Sadly, those door frames and their memory-filled etchings must stay behind.

Keep these growth rulers and gift it as a memory keepsake when your kids have their kids. These growth rulers will look great in any part of your house

Best of all? No more door frames covered in sharpies and scratches, or growth decals and posters that rip and fade. This is most probably the best item that any parent could dream of.

The Bestseller

This was the first Growth Ruler that we had in store and is still our bestseller. Its clean and basic design can be incorporated well into any home concept and blend well with any decor in the house.


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The Minimalist

As the name suggests, this growth ruler’s design is perfect for the person seeking Marie Kondo enlightenment. The design is simple and sleek, straight to the point, and matches well with that Scandinavian, Minimalist, or black and white themed room that is in the rage nowadays.


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 The Kid Pleaser

What better way to light up a children’s room than by placing these growth rulers with an assortment of different cartoon designs in it! You are sure to find a design that your child will like and sure to make any kid scream with delight.

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Wood Detailed

Be able to document those memories with your kids with our very own wood detailed vinyl sticker decal growth ruler.  It’s simple yet sleek design is sure to be a great addition to your house.

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The front shed Promise

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